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    according to ma book, i cant help but laugh at it ok i made these today and they taste quite good, im a vegetarian so everything i cook has no meat or seafood so just putting it out there


    Ok if you think u wanna attempt at making them be my guest here you go off my vague memory

    2 lbs of floury potahoes, idk i just used regular ones
    3 eggs seperated
    1/2 - however much cup Parmesean i cant spell, cheese, i only had italian mix of cheeses so i guess it worked for the better, i like white cheeses so i rec mozerella or something like that
    1 tbsp Parsley....i didnt have any so i skipped it
    Pine nuts idk i didnt read amount, wtf r pine nuts....i dont have them so i aint gonna go and buy some
    An infinite amount of bread crumbs
    Oil (i did a shallow fry, i really dont think it matters

    Ok first boil potatoes for 20-25 mins
    After boil slip off skin when hot, when its hot its so fucking hottttt....yea
    Ok after mash potatoes, or knife them and then mash them like i did
    Add egg yolks, cheese and salt then mix
    Whip egg whites in seperate bowl till white and frothy
    Ok after u mixed well form a ball slightly bigger than a marble then dip in egg whites
    After that roll in bread crumbs till fully covers, if not your crust is gonne burst and u lose all the filling
    Fry til golden i like them a bit lightet colour but its all in preferences
    Tip - fry in small batches so easier to handle and to adjust
    Oh yea i breaded as i went and did my batches, so if i felt the 1st batch was not as salty as i wanted i added more salt a.d cheese
    For all you know, you are under me

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    looks pretty interesting. we have another name for that here actually.

    In the beginning there was a hum
    from a poet whose pulse felt:

    He would perform prayers and all
    till one day he heard a voice call

    Sus'pi'cious he moved with vicious caution.
    Dismisses, he thinks its a little off.
    People get held back
    by the voice inside 'em.

    The voice said,
    I'm poised to speak inside you...
    "Rejoice then ...please let me invite you,
    ...To evil, greed and lies too."

    ..and knock on his door, his heart is no more,
    ..and knock on his door, his soul is no more ..

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