Upcoming Pokemon RPG coming soon! Join the testing team to gain insight and some extra goodies once released. Details found here
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    well honestly I am still running another RP on the side, called Naruto Revelations. I do have a coder on that site and my brother is an excellent coder. So I will message him to see if he iss interested. But overall from what I see this thing is not going to take off anytime, or I am not holding my breath. It seems as if you guys don't really have a plan. Which is frustrating for me, as it is very basic. I mean sure you need some codes for profiles and such. But for now don't make it so complicated. Simply do it thread based, have apps go up in a section each being its own thread. I mean this shouldnt be taking this long to put up an RP.

    Originally Posted by Demon of the Mist

    No actually, we are doing the final touches for the rules right now and start making the jutsu list and Academy test, it will be released around Tuesday if everything goes like this, your help is welcome btw and I am letting you join the staff group to help us and help us making the codes and stuff. Please ask him btw, and it took so long because most of the work was putted on me, I mean, I write the whole thing and they edit/add what they want and we will check it all up in the end, sorry about that, but please, don't be disappointed because its just that you don't see what we are doing, that's all.

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    Ya now that I have seen the rules, I am not really interested in the RP. Because to me its not actually going to be an RP, where people can be different characters. It will just be a system of fighting similar to Narutobase. Which is not what I am interested in, I was hoping to help make an actual RP. Where people develop characters, and post with each other. Not just another naruto base which is what I see this RP becoming. Because of your rules and how you have the RP set up. You wont get any RPers like me, from things like forumotion, pro board, ect. Because this is not actuallly an RP with unique characters its a system of rules and regulations to allow you to battle. But good luck with the RP, hope it will do better than my predictions for it. But if it does fail, I will see if Reizar will let me bring my team of RPers here to build a rp. But good luck with the RP>

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